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Learning in Kypseli

Impact Hub Athens organizes & hosts courses, educational activities and experiential seminars for different demographic groups, focusing on the development of skills (language, vocational practice and more). Encouraging access and building knowledge of modern technological tools (programming, robotics, business development practices), entrepreneurship tools & skills as well as means of expression (dance, photography, music, visual arts).

Percussion lessons

In this team everybody has something to learn & to share.

By mostly using percussion instruments or by making sound with everyday items even with our own body, we will shape an extraordinary orchestra.

Wednesday: 8pm-10pm


Music & Moves!

A funny workshop with lots of music and tempo for children 1,5 to 3 years old. Through dancing we will learn basic orders of everyday life and we will enhance our move!

*Parents shall accompany the workshop

Wednesday: 4pm-5pm

*For Children 1,5 -3 years old


Sculpture, Painting, amazing DIY will bring children closer to art. Inspired everytime by a different artist children experiment with various materials and techniques and craft their own art work!

Monday & Wednesday, 5pm-6pm

*5+years old

Theatre Workshop for Kids

“Performing is the art to behave realistically in imaginary scenarios”

Children will get to experiment with different nuances of theatre, such as pantomime, dance & musical aiming to present their own theatrical play.

Tuesday, 4pm-5pm

*For children 4+

Stringed Istruments lessons

Group music lessons aiming to introduce stringed instruments to young students on a technical & arty level but also to learn how to interact with a music team where one plays and learns together. Tutors are trained and certified. Έτσι μαθαίνουν να καλλιεργούν και να καλυτερεύουν συνεχώς τις γνώσεις τους, να μοιράζονται την εμπειρία τους, να γίνονται ομάδα και να κινούνται παράλληλα στο θεωρητικό και καλλιτεχνικό επίπεδο (ρεπερτόριο).

Viola Beginners/ Advanced: Monday: 6pm-7pm/7pm-8pm
GuitarBeginners/ Advanced: Wednesday: 6pm-7pm/7pm-8pm
Violin Beginners/ Advanced: Thursday: 7pm-8pm/8pm-9pm
Cello Beginners/ Advanced: Friday: 4pm-5pm/5pm-6pm

*Every Wednesday 12pm-1.30pm students of the music lessons can participate in the Music Ensemble of the Municipal Market of Kypseli (Unison)


Children’s Choir

Music-kinetic, vocal lessons for children. The Choir Lesson is compulsory for all the students as they learn how to work on the primary music instrument – their voice. They become acquainted with the music language.

Tuesday & Thursday: 6pm-7pm

*For children 5-12 years old

Youth Intercultural Choir

The students learn to work with their voice, to sing properly, to draw on theory and decipher the language of music.

Tuesday: 8pm-10pm

*For children & youth (13+)


Family Choir aims at bringing children, parents & couples closer together through their common voice.

Saturday: 10.30am-12pm


Theory of Music equips the students with essential knowledge to utilize Music more than ever! Through this lesson students will learn through modern learning processes new music styles and techniques for understanding, creating and delivering music.

Tuesday, 7pm-8pm & Thursday, 5pm-6pm


Colors, Jungle animals, fruits & vegetables, spaghetti and more are the tools for a sensory workshop! By participating in an interactive and super fun workshop, children get to understand materials and their diverse uses!


*For Children 1,5 -3 years old


Every week, little scientists will get to complete a challenging mission! Children will get into the shoes of little scientists and understand the different aspects of science.

The program introduces an exploratory way of learning where knowledge emerges by the active engagement with the item in focus.

Thursday, 4pm-5pm

*Children 3+ years old


How can a child solve a problem and think in an entrepreneurial way?

Through creative engagement with robots, children gain experiential knowledge of Maths, Physics, Programming and Mechanics while they also understand the notion & importance of technology through entertaining activities.

Tuesday, 5pm-6pm

*For children 6+ years old


Educational Programmes for Youth & Adults

Lessons of Greek & English for Beginners or Advanced learners are offered by Caritas Hellas & Danish Refugee Council.

Free programming and web design courses in English open to locals and newcomers to Greece are offered by GFOSS.

Photography Lessons by Diadromes

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