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designed & implemented by Impact Hub Athens

Code + Create by GFOSS

Free web design courses in English for ages 18-30 by GFOSS

Upcoming courses: October – December, January – March

8-week intensive morning & evening groups: Monday, Tuesday & Thursday 10:00-13:00 & 17:30-20:30

Access to the space and equipment on Wednesdays for registered students.

Familiarity with computers and English language skills required.

Learn more about the courses & find the application form here.

The scope of this project is to teach young people digital skills with the use of open technologies. We have set up open labs and  have created open educational material (available at to provide free courses to mixed classes of refugees and Greek youth. Code+Create has been initially designed and implemented in partnership between FCA and GFOSS. It continues with new courses in cooperation with IOCC.

A solution for life skills & integration

Youth who learn digital skills become better architects of their own future and can be active participants instead of passive consumers in an increasingly data-filled world. Just like a language, digital and tech concepts are best learnt young. Interventions that support the development of intercultural competencies connecting refugees with their peers in host community, are identified to be inexistent in the ongoing refugee response in Greece.Uncertainties about the future and difficulties in integrating to Greek society, put young refugee women and men at risk of losing all sense of hope.


Filling an educational gap

Refugee adolescents are not included in formal reception classes organised by the Ministry of Education in Greece. On the cusp of adulthood, it is critical for them to get access to more meaningful and constructive opportunities that offer a chance to learn – even at an introductory level – valuable, marketable digital and technological skills. Youth need to be proficient at 21st-century skills in order to thrive in a rapidly evolving, technology-mediated world, where IT and technical literacy is an important asset in any work or educational context.

There is also an emerging need for models that bring together local and refugee youth. While offering access to new (digital and technological) skill sets, youth need more opportunities to interact and learn together.

We address these educational gaps by setting up introductory courses in an open technology lab for  mixed classed of refugee and Greek youth to learn computer science, coding and related competencies. The project delivers effective educational activities to motivated learners from both youth groups in an effort to address 21st-century skills gaps. It has been designed to be scaled up to include additional refugee sites, youth centres and Greek public schools and to be further modified to accommodate learners of other ages.


The project’s main objectives are:

  1. To provide refugee youth who are not in school or have no access to other educational activities with a solid foundation in digital & tech skills, and the starting tools for more advanced exploration and/or coursework in information technology.
  2. To provide a shared space for refugee and Greek youth to interact, learn and work together on digital projects.
  3. To create an inspiring learning environment where youth are encouraged to learn, connect and problem-solve.

More information about Code+Create at .

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